P.I. Tchaikovsky

Sleeping beauty

ballet in two acts

45 min + 40 min
1 interval
libretto, choreography and stage direction
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker
costume design
assistant choreographer
Ukraine’s Honoured Artist
assistant choreographer
lighting designer
sound producer
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker

At the heart of the statement, the organic combination of worlds - reality, fairy tales and magic phantasmagoria, where the key element is the story of true love, is intended to remind not only of temporal and spatial allusions of human existence, but also of the eternity of moral principles. In the new history, the young king will find his beloved not in 100 years, but through 800, and the royal palace will be filled with amazing unknown fairy-tale heroes.

Details of the play
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King Florestan
Queen Clemence
Princess Aurora
Fairy Carabos
Prince Desire
Cavalier Krasen
Cavalier Thick Dancer
Cavalier is the Old Man