Romeo and Juliet (Shakexpiriments)

music by P.I. Tchaikovsky, G.F. Handel, the Renaissance tunes
ballet in two acts

40 min + 25 min
1 interval
libretto, choreography and stage direction
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker
costume designer
аssistant choreographer
Ukraine’s Honoured Artist
assistant choreographer
lighting designer
sound producer
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker

At the home concert party, several girls and guys put on theatrical masks, get into characters, and make "Romeo and Juliet" performance. The owners of the apartment are the brother and the sister. She has an affair with a guy, and the friend of her boyfriend is in love with her brother, and she hopes for mutual affection.

At first, everyone is scared, as if expecting a tragic outcome, but gradually, the atmosphere gets hilarious to the point of euphoria, but the plot unveils in conformity with the strict guidelines of the original artwork. Therefore, Juliet, Tybalt, Romeo and Mercutio, the four very nice friends, kill each other though they never intend to. It may be associated with the masks they have chosen for themselves.

The music helps us to determine whether the people are using their masks skillfully or not. The music of the old times implies that the personages are stronger than their fate, while Tchaikovsky symphonic music suggests that the ill fate wins over as it always does in the works by this composer.

This performance also represents a brief history of the theatre from the Shakespeare epoch up to this time. The masque, the sword fighting, the del arte comedy allusion, the shadow show, the Shakespeare epoch combination of stage dance and poetry, the delight of improvisation in the parts predicted by the plot, and finally, the independent ballet performance for the soloist quartet with plenty of true love at the end.

Premiered on the stage on January 25, 2007

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