P.I. Tchaikovsky


based on the fairy tale of Ernest Theodore Amadeus Hoffmann "Nutcracker and Mouse King"
ballet in two acts

50 min +25 min
1 interval
libretto, choreography and stage direction
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker
costume designer
assistant choreographer
Ukraine’s Honoured Artist
assistant choreographer
lighting designer
sound producer
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker

The cover-version or remake of the Christmas fairy tale that proves to be not really for children. Of course! "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" by E. T. A. Hoffmann was combined with "The Little Match Girl" by H. C. Andersen. The young personage is freezing in the street where the guests are going to the ball in their wanton dresses, and nobody comforts her with a word of encouragement. But what if she were there?
Then her name is Clara according to Hoffmann, or Mary according to Tchaikovsky, she is a spoilt daughter of the rich parents, a marriageable girl. The guests put a bunch of boring presents for her under the Christmas tree, and the mother lets her meet her fiancé, a somewhat old and repulsive man named Drosselmeyer. He works with dolls, mechanisms, and mass hypnosis. To win Mary over, he starts with showing the adults up in their true colors and turning the high society rout into a fabulous party with whips. The he gives her the Nutcracker that can come to life and become a beauty, but as soon as she falls in love, all adults turn into cute plump rats.

At first, they entertain Mary and her beloved by the Snowflake Waltz in ballet skirts and imaginative divertissement, a number of parodies of the famous "Little Red Riding Hood", "Swan Lake", and even "Carmen" (in the version of Kyiv Modern Ballet). Then the rats give a rebuff by burning the Christmas tree in the fireplace, splitting up the lovers in different corners and putting them in the cages; and the music grows more and more alarming, almost macabre. However, Mary and the Nutcracker manage to marry… Alas, this is only the hypnosis of Drosselmeyer.

The drunken guests are leaving for their homes after the ball passing by the freezing young woman carefully covered with Drosselmeyer's raincoat. To see the minor characters and make them fully influence the course of events is the special gift of Radu Poklitaru, as well as to demonstrate the ballet performances with something captivating happening in every part of the stage.

Premiered on the stage on December 30, 2007

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