Adolphe Adam


ballet in two acts

45 min +35 min
libretto, choreography and stage direction
Honoured Arts Figure of Ukraine
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker
costume design
costumes prints
assistant choreographer
Ukraine’s Honoured Artist
lighting designer
sound producer
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker

This performance marks the 10 year anniversary of "Kyiv Modern Ballet" theatre. Radu Poklitaru mentions, "My Giselle is not a sweet pastoral peasant, rather, she is a misfortunate child of the large modern city". It should be added, "an aggressive, pretty broken and dark city where many people wear rags and write on the walls, and some less people drive the loud and sparkling motorcycles, and there is hardly any place for the weird endeavors of Giselle, her marvelously beautiful love radiating the light, endless and unattainable as the sea".

But the girl is supported by the music, the classic ballet music score by Adolphe Adan in which we instantly recognize the strict and resilient harmony of the epoch not that old. This constant and strong sound attracts one of the guys with a motorcycle, as if it were the inner voice of Giselle. But he is not mature enough for the responsible and stable relationship. And Giselle, so lonely in her environment, is lacking strength to fight for her love. So at first, her altered state of consciousness saves her from breaking, then, after the other guy she is in love with unexpectedly finds her in the brothel and tries to get her out, a bright flare of light over the unattainable sea, so tragic and sublime.

For this sophisticated plot, the artists have learned to dance on very high heels, while Viktor Zadvornyi, the hairdresser, has designed unique hairstyles capable of resisting the tornadoes of the stage performances.

Premiered on the stage on April 9,10 2016


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