to the music of C. Saint-Saëns and Carol of the Bells
ballet in one act

author of libretto
video content
project manager
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker
lighting designer
sound producer
Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker

On the eve of the holidays when the air is full of Christmas bustle and hope for miracles, KYIV MODERN-BALLET Theatre invites you to visit the most fantastic theatrical fairy tale of this winter, ballet-journey "One Minute Before Christmas" to the music of C. Saint-Saëns and "Carol of the Bells".

The ballet "One Minute Before Christmas" is a journey into the world of magic and miracles. The story begins with reality but quickly turns into a world of illusions where truth is intertwined with fiction, fantastic life with everyday one.

Will the protagonist be able to overcome all obstacles, cross the threshold of reality? Will he be able to overcome his fears and turn them into the most vivid dreams?

Every step towards finding answers to these questions is filled with faith in miracles, inspiration and great love for Christmas.

Get ready for incredible discoveries and adventures! Come with the whole family and feel the magic of the holiday and journey spirit together with KYIV MODERN-BALLET Theatre in ballet-journey "One Minute Before Christmas". 

Unforgettable emotions, exciting choreography, fabulous video content and the best moments of this bright holiday are waiting for you.

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