music by Georges Bizet
ballet in two series

50 min + 25 min
libretto, choreography and production
Honoured Arts Figure of Ukraine
Honoured Arts Figure of Ukraine
costume design
аssistant choreographer
Ukraine’s Honoured Artist
assistant choreographer
lighting designer
sound producer
Honoured Arts Figure of Ukraine

The first performance of the theater won two "Kyiv Pectorals" six months after it was opened - for the best performance of the year and the best work of the ballet-master. Radu Poklitaru attributed the same qualities to Carmen as Prosper Merimee had once done. For this purpose, the sequence of the acts in Georges Bizet opera was changed. So artists dance but you may always be tempted to join in a song.

In this performance, Carmen is the personage of the television film in which the things take their own course - the jaw-dropping fight of the women, the first murder, the arrest, the choice of Carmen Jose as her savior, the temptation, the escape, the unrequited love, the death prediction, the notable rival, the agonizing jealousy… However, the events in the television film are directly influenced by the surprising personage of the performance, the girl watching TV.

Who is she? Why is she governing the lives of others? It turns out she needs Jose, she has been waiting for him and here he is with her. Indeed, the main character of Bizet opera had a fiancée named Michaela, and he rejected her. But Radu Poklitaru conveyed the true power of the personage who no longer wanted taking back seat. Or he proved that the 2 series of the television film may translate into reality if we believe in it.

Premiered on the stage on October 25, 2006

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