Olexander Rodin


ballet in two acts

30 min + 30 min
libretto, choreography and stage direction
Honoured Arts Figure of Ukraine
video content
costume designer
assistant choreographer
Ukraine’s Honoured Artist
assistant choreographer
lighting designer
sound producer
Honoured Arts Figure of Ukraine

Ballet Viy, choreographed by Radu Poklitaru, is a mystical story based on the novel by Mykola Hohol - a parable about faith and disbelief, about the tests of the human soul and the strength of the spirit. The crazy story that happened to an ordinary student, Khoma Brut, is a story about what happens when faith in one's own abilities is not strong enough, and it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish dreams from reality. Emotions, passions, despair, and struggle with one's own demons. How to recognize evil, which sometimes is in the guise of an innocent and beautiful creature? How to resist VIY himself? Who is he? A dream, an evil force, or clear reality of the present...

Details of the play
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Khoma Brut
Soul of Khoma
Vasilina, girl of Khoma
Pannochka, mistress of Sotnik
Friends of Khoma: Tyberii Horobets
Friends of Khoma: Khaliava